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Why health and wellness benefits are your best investment.

If you’re here reading this, you likely don’t believe the following, but just in case…

Do you: 

– Believe “health & wellness” is something employees do on their own time outside of work? 

– That wellness practices should be their responsibility? 

– That it should NOT be part of the corporate culture?

– That making investments in employee happiness and health is really about looking “good”  for potential candidates and investors, with the added benefit of winning those  “best places to work” awards? 

So how much will an unhealthy employee cost you?


Employers around the world are losing an aggregate of $300 billion annually in medical and productivity costs due to increasing incidences of employees suffering major illnesses.

OVER HALF of employers do not consistently track employee absenteeism nor do they dig into the root cause of individual absentee cases.  

And most employers tend to neglect and underestimate the cost for the indirect and longer term effects associated with poor employee health.


over 1/3

Of Americans have displayed clinical signs of anxiety &/or depression since COVID-19 began. 

(Census Bureau)


Of Americans say that the economy is now a significant source of stress.



Experienced nervousness or anxiety most or all of the time during the past week. This has doubled compared to 9% found in 2018.

Businesses are wasting time, money, & productivity due to overwhelmed, unfocused, & tired teams. Now, more than ever, the ability to effectively handle stress, have clarity, focus, energy and emotional intelligence is the best investment you can make to create sustainable health at work and in our personal lives.

That's where I come in

As a certified NLP, EFT, and Reiki practitioner, with a corporate marketing background,  my mission here is to support you and your team in creating sustainable, practical, and results driven practices that will allow you to break free of limiting beliefs and anxiety, and tap into clarity, balance, and mental ease through personal & team training sessions.

opportunities for us to explore:

Breath-Work & Meditation
The Power of Visualization for Performance
The Daily Integration of Mindfulness Practices
Manifestation 'At Work'
Mastering Balance at Work & In Life
Performance Coaching


All sessions can be fully customized to meet the needs and values of your business.
Feel free to book a complimentary strategy session to learn more and see if we're a good fit!

Client Experiences

“Kelly’s signature Re-Shift Workshop offered our team the opportunity to explore practical and powerful mindfulness exercises built to re-energize every individual member. In the session, Kelly lead us through various breathing and visualization techniques that allow us to be more mindful throughout our work day, as well as provided guidance on how to create a positive working environment. Everyone on our team enjoyed the dedicated time to personal growth and development and have been putting the techniques Kelly taught us into practice in our daily lives. We really thank Kelly for taking the time to teach us how to be more mindful and positive in our professional lives”  

– TalentMinded