In a ‘funk’? Ways to re-focus & raise your vibration quickly

It almost feels like we’re experiencing some type of collective funk. Moments in the day where we find ourselves questioning and trying to make sense of everything going on. It might show up as overthinking, or a non willingness to wake up early and start the day.


This is especially true for those who lost their jobs during the pandemic or had their schedules freed up from cancelled social events. All this free time can be exceptionally liberating, but perhaps also a bit disorientating as we so often crave and secretly enjoy a bit of structure.

A lack of structure or purpose in the day can lead to overthinking, which leads to stagnation, which leads to funkiness and ‘feeling stuck’, but it can also lead to opportunity, rejoicing, renewal, inspiration and dreaming BIGGER.

I totally get that it might be hard to find inspiration right now, but if you’re like me and you know that you’re ready to shake off the funk, I challenge you to try one of these 4 tips to get you going. I use these on a daily basis and as simple as they are – they’re absolute game changers.

So here’s to shaking it off, taking a deep breath, and CHOOSING to take that first step.

The Quick Tips

Watch a Mind Movie.

Our subconscious mind is highly visual and  thinks in pictures. Create a digital vision board with photos, videos, affirmations, & high vibrational music to effortlessly guide your monkey mind back to your desired reality. 

1-2 min watching your mind movie can significantly increase your vibration!


Create a high vibe 'Playlist' on Youtube

There’s a cool feature on YouTube that allows you to save certain videos to a ‘Playlist’. Gather all your high vibe videos (eg ‘Abraham Hicks Good Morning Rampage’ 😉) and save them to a High Vibe playlist. 

Having them ready and accessible will give you no excuse once your mind start spiralling.

MOVE Your Body

Energy can literally get STUCK in our body and sometimes it needs a gentle shake, shimmy or stretch to make its way out. Throw on some high vibe music and allow your body to move intuitively. You might just need to walk it out, or dive into something more high energy like HIIT or sprints. Do whatever feels good.

Recite Your ABCs

  1.  ASK yourself – “Will this matter to me in a week? In a month?”.  Perspective changes Perception.
  2. Make a Plan B. Give yourself some options. Sometimes we only see in black & white when a creative solution could live in the grey. 
  3. Create a what’s on my mind list. Our minds can get caught up in our endless to-do’s and simply writing them out, and prioritizing today’s tasks can stop you from spiralling. 
  4. Do it – Move down your priority list, focusing on ONE thing at a time (no multitasking)