Hello you wonderfully perfect human. My name is Kelly and I am the proud Founder and Creator of kelly.gee – a brain baby I’ve been cooking up for several years. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, my journey to becoming an Immersive Mindset and Soul coach was rather unconventional in relation to where I started and where I thought I would be in my late twenties.


I grew up in a beautifully loving family and was a highly intuitive, happy kid, smiling my way through life and radiating positivity, which wonderfully hasn’t changed so much in my adult life, but unfortunately triggered several in my path. I had spent most of my childhood and teen years invested in competitive sports and ultimately used sports and extracurriculars to keep myself distracted from the ‘other stuff’. 


Friendships at that time in my life came and went and as happy as I appeared on the outside, I knew I didn’t quite fit in. I was bullied, torn apart and ultimately so hurt that I started building incredibly large walls to protect myself emotionally, but kept almost everyone out. 


I started struggling with debilitating anxiety and depression in high school which affected my grades, relationships, and health overall. I was no longer a star athlete, could barely call anyone a friend, and gained over 35 pounds in under 6 months. I remember seeing a photo of myself at prom (which I attended solo) and not recognizing who that girl was. I knew something had to give and immediately took it upon myself to change. 



The summer leading up to university was a major turning point in my life. Looking at that photo triggered something inside of me and as much as I tried to run away from my feelings for so long, I knew change wouldn’t happen without me actually CHANGING. I really leaned into fitness at this time and started developing a much healthier relationship to exercise – different than the competitive training I was used to. I took an even closer look at my eating habits and spent hours every day on Pinterest looking for healthy recipes. At that time, I thought the only way to feel better about myself was to lose the weight. 

That first year in university was honestly the first time I had really showed up for myself. I look back now and feel so much empathy for that girl who didn’t feel confident in her body, and lost sight of what made her beautiful due to the anxiety and overwhelming fear of being seen. The extra pounds I carried on my body was really a symbol for the weight and mental pressure I had been living with for years at that point. 

I started researching natural ways to relieve anxiety and depression and came across case studies that demonstrated the benefits of yoga and mental re-wiring. I started integrating these new re-wiring habits into my routine (which I now know as creating new neural pathways in the brain) and signed up for weekly yoga classes at a local community centre. 

The weight started to fall off and my mind felt significantly clearer. I saw a noticeable difference in my focus at school, and my grades shot up substantially. Better yet, for the first time in a long time, I had actual close friends and slowly built up the confidence to attend social events and parties – which became my new norm as I transformed into this radiant social butterfly.



I didn’t realize it at the time, but I experienced my own type of metamorphosis. People I knew from high school barely recognized me and I really started  coming out of my shell. I started to strip away all the layers of what no longer served me and leaned into things I previously felt scared to explore. 


I became an honour student with a 4.0 GPA, had a fairly substantial income from my 4+ jobs throughout university, won awards for my extracurricular involvement at school, had countless friends and acquaintances across several universities, started DATING, and was in the best shape of my life.



After graduating I spent some time traveling – teaching abroad in Italy for 4 months and moving to Thailand for half a year to work as a marketing coordinator. In between, I had left the path of teaching to dive further into the marketing world and worked as a promotional rep for 3 years, taking almost no days off. I was in love with the campaigns I worked on, representing massive brands like Nike, Adidas, Molson Coors, Barbie, and the NBA. And for the first time in a long time, my exuberance and outpouring of light was positively received. 

The 70-80+ hour work weeks started to take a toll on me and I was craving some more balance and stability. After working abroad, I came home and accepted a sales role at a social media management company which I loved at the time. I moved around internally and after just a few short years, found myself working on the marketing team in a role that I had no right in accepting given my lack of experience and studies. However, by this point, I was so confident in myself and started diving into manifestation, which became my secret weapon for receiving massive abundance. 

I ended up manifesting an even more incredible position at a promising fin-tech start-up and really came into my own as a professional.




Over the course of my corporate career I found myself diving deeper and more consistently into spirituality and started attending Goddess Circles and events in the city where I met other like minded individuals, who I now proudly call my soul family. 


I spent hours every day, from the time I woke up, got ready and commuted to work, to lunch hours and every free moment in between, to explore all things personal development. I signed up for every course, webinar, workshop, class available and listened to hours of podcasts and audiobooks. 


I started reading The Power of Now, The Alchemist, Untethered Soul, and The Secret, and fell in love with the material. It really started to take over my life (in the best way possible) to which I had close friends noticing the difference in my mentality and started asking me what I was doing differently.



Along with a few twists and turns, blessings masked as unfortunate losses, that we land now on the present version of myself. A women who has faced the darkness of her shadows, mended a broken relationship with her body, and has listened to her calling to share her light and over pouring of love with the world. To support and guide other souls who may have lost themselves along the way, aren’t sure if they’re living in alignment with themselves, and are facing their own internal battle. I see you.

I see the potential in you. Above that, I know you’ve made it so far as to read this entire novel of an About Me page and recognize a little bit of my story in yours.

I want you to know, from one ULTRA RADIANT LOVE BEAM to another, that your journey like mine, while bumpy at times, can be incredibly blissful and full of magic. Allow yourself to lean into it like I once did and watch yourself shift. It only took a few small decisions to change the trajectory of my own life and for you the same.  


I’m now living in true alignment with my souls purpose as an immersive mindset and soul coach and am on a mission to support other radiant souls on their own journey of self discovery and self mastery. 

I hope my story shows you how wonderful a life of alignment can be once you start to release the “should bes” and “should dos” and lean into what’s authentically true to YOU. 

You always have the opportunity to change, to 

choose a new thought, to SHIFT, EXPAND, AND TRANSFORM. The best part is, you already have everything inside of you to make it happen. You already have the blueprint for whatever it is you’re going after, sometimes we just have to clear out the noise to really see it for ourselves.

And that’s really where I come in. To help you clear out the noise and tap into the most authentic version of you, beautiful soul. This whole journey of life is always better with a friend isn’t it?