Mini Blog: Exploring Our Relationship with Rest

It’s so interesting our relationship with rest, isn’t it?


I remember not that long ago being penalized for taking a day off work when I was in corporate, or “slacking” on the job for chatting with my workmates. Yes, I was chatty, but the relationships I built with my team developed my foundation for success in that role.


I feel like we’re really getting past the hustle culture, which is fabulous, but I do believe we’re still recalibrating our relationship to rest and rejuvenation.


In my case, I actually saw socializing and chatting with people to be sort of rejuvenating for my soul. But again, it was something that was never celebrated.

For others who may be a bit more introverted, total silence and a night in are exactly what they need to feel reinvigorated.


When I jumped into the world of entrepreneurship I can’t say that I didn’t immediately try to adopt the hustle mentality. I was still attached to that paradigm from working in startups and listening to too much Gary Vee.


However, if I learned anything this past year it’s that ideation, creation, and an effective and smart work ethic aren’t connected to hours spent on your laptop. I tried that and burnt out quickly. Instead, I started to lean heavily into my feminine flow and desire for creativity through intentional rest.

It started with taking full days off during the week to nurture my mind and body – setting strong boundaries with work and play.


Then a new level emerged – what was the mindset behind those days off, behind the intentional rest?


Was I resting in pursuit of more energy later in the day/week?

Was I resting because I knew it would give me an edge?


All of that is fine, but it meant that I was still creating an expectation from rest itself.


The game-changer was super nuanced but became resting for rest itself. Ahhh it sounds so simple but I promise you the ego will have a lot to say about this paradigm.


Resting for pure rejuvenation of the soul. Resting and NOT WAITING for the idea to hit. Just resting.


Now the funny this is that the ideas will hit and the clarity will come, but detach from that expectation, baby.


Here’s to more rest and bigger ideas as the cherry on top.