The Lifechanging Power of a Gratitude Rampage

Gratitude Rampages have been a staple in my daily practice and a particularly useful tool when I’m feeling a little blah or on the other hand, a powerful tool I gravitate towards when I’m already in a super high vibe state.

Stepping into the energy of gratitude is like sending out a big THANK YOU to the universe. It is a present tense practice that is stating to your subconscious mind that it is already done, it is already written. Thank you = completion.
It is the opposite of wanting, needing, or being in a state of lack.

On the scale of consciousness, the energy of gratitude would reach upwards to a frequency of 900 on a scale of 1000. Simply stated, the higher the frequency, the more joy experienced! Gratitude is one of the main ingredients for inner happiness.

Practicing gratitude more consistently enables us to focus on the things in our lives that are going well rather than what may be going wrong. By giving appreciation and thanks more often, we are able to shift into a higher frequency and give birth to more positive experiences.

Who doesn’t want that 💛

So here's how you do it:

Step 1:

Start by  saying ‘THANK YOU’ for what is right in front of you. This is usually the stuff we take for granted – think, my breath, my beating heart, the roof over my head, the device I’m reading this on, running water, etc

Step 2:

As your vibration begins to rise in appreciation for these already manifested things. Shift your focus to what you LOVE – think close relationships, a new opportunity you’re excited about, something or someone you’re so deeply grateful for.

Step 3:

Now here comes the fun part. Written or spoken in the present tense, say THANK YOU to whatever it is you’re calling in. A rocket of desire that has yet to manifest. 

Saying thank you to these desires is communicating to your subconscious mind that ‘it is already done’. You’re no longer coming from a place of lack and instead are living in the truth that it is possible for you. This is when quantum manifestation can happen

Now surrender and get ready to receive ✨