What’s the Deal with Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is denying the presence of present perfection.

How often do we set high expectations for ourselves, or get caught up in the dreaming and visualizing, when we don’t necessarily admire and pay gratitude to the present moment. While the act of visualization is extremely powerful and a practice I tell myself and clients to engage in EVERYDAY. It needs to be accompanied by present ACT-ion. Meaning, a lot of people visualize or ‘daydream’ constantly but slow themselves down in the process of actualizing those visions by thinking, “Agh I don’t see that dream body yet or when will I be a millionaire sipping Veuve on the deck of my Malibu beach house or is that soulmate ever going to show up or where are all of these clients I wish to work with?!”.

We visualize and dream and put all our energy into that future state and then get bogged down by the realization that in our present moment those things don’t exist yet. In a lot of ways we feel like imposters in our own lives because our current (PRESENT) moment doesn’t reflect how and what we feel and see and desire on the inside. It’s almost as if we’re living a double life. But it’s in that gap, that in between the desired reality and the present state, where the magic and transformation happens. However, denying the perfection of the present moment will most definitely slow you down.

So while you may not see those desired realities played out yet, admire the present circumstance and pay gratitude to everything currently showing up. Think of gratitude as an accelerator towards the actualization of your dream reality.

Do you ever take the time to ask yourself what being an imposter looks like to you? If you were to describe the feeling to a friend, what would that look like? Do you ever feel like you’re wearing a really epic costume – a shell of yourself that you ‘sell’ to others, but doesn’t quite feel in alignment with your heart?

Why do you think that is?

To be honest, I’ve asked myself these questions several times over and what I’ve landed on is that typically imposter syndrome sneaks up on us when we feel as though or when we actually are out of integrity with ourselves. When we make empty promises to ourselves. When we don’t show up when we say we will. When we don’t stay true to our word.

THAT feeling when you know you’ve lost self trust is the moment when imposter syndrome will come knocking at the door because you say one thing and do another. You say you’re in alignment but you’re wearing a Darth Vader mask. And why does it feel so awfully heavy and ‘icky’ when imposter syndrome pops up is because you aren’t telling the truth! You aren’t speaking your truth! You are not fully expressing all aspects of your beautiful self and it feels out of alignment.

In this very moment I challenge you to make one promise to yourself. Something you’ll show up for every day that will help you build up that self trust muscle and strengthen your integrity with yourself. It could be making your bed every morning, to practicing one self care activity every day. But show up for yourself and if you don’t…well don’t throw shame. Sit with that and ask yourself why? That’s where the growth happens